New Excursion HXA series continue its success traditions since 2010 with its well known heavy duty 14cm DIN sized military heatsink design and extend the legendary HXA series amplifier range from 5 up to 11 renewed and new engineered models from 2015.

Feature for all models fundamental new designed Input Section to accept Input signals up to 5V for Low Level and up to 15V for High Level signals.

Feature for all models tripple choices of Remote, performing Auto Turn ON/OFF on board with the novelity of selectable music impuls function in case DC is not provided.

Feature for all models fully selectable 12dB/oct High / Low / Bandpass Crossovers, which can cover all popular car audio setting demands.

Extra feature fully selectable up to 12dB Bass Boost @ 45Hz, optional Volume Remote Controle for driver seat position adjustments and finally the LINK Mode Technology to explore all combinations of all HXA MONO amplifiers.

Feature new improved NI plated screw and allen screw terminals capable to hook up to 0GA cables, designed to fit optional Hollywood ENERGETIC Power Support Terminals.

Feature Double sided PCB with reinforced overbuilt POWER layers hold tripple fixed massiv copper transformers to perform via high class SMD and MOSFET Technology.

Set the final standard with an outstanding series of high efficient Class D MONOS as well Full Range Digital or True Audio ANALOG STEREO amplifiers with Super Noise Rejection Circuit, Overload, Overheat, Short Circuit, High and Low Voltage protections.

This range of 1.5 Ohm stable stereo or up to 0.5 Ohm MONO Power Amplifier provide much more than you will ever need for any application or any competition you want go for.

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