New SHX advanced High efficient OEM Upgrade Coaxial and Component Design feature 3Ohm lowered Voice Coil resistant Technology to step up in compare to STREET SX Series with aprox in 25% incoming amplifier power.

Aprox 10% lighter vital Woolfibre composite Cone step up in fine dynamic, voice mid section resolution and efficiency.

25% bigger EFF (Efficient Flux Field) motor structure with extended VC gap increase linear excursion and fundament performance.

We have set new standards with top vented VC aluminium Former for component midranges and coaxials and increase the acoustic Power Handling.

Our outstanding Pure Silk Dome 25mm Excursion Tweeters come with various mounting hardware and several Set combinations in Dual Bass or as well in 3way with our EXCURSION SAT Component are offered.

Unique praxis born Plug&Play X-over Concept with individual 6dB Bi-Wiring inliners feature high grade Capicators and thicker copper wire for Low Pass magnet core coils. These make your installation as fast and simple as never before. Optional inline Level Resistors makes sound tuning as simple as never before and exact to the demands of the installation situation.

3D Excursion tooled LXPD Dustcap (Linear X-point Phase Plug Design) perform with the best radiation in order to increase the upper mid section resolution even at the worst case installation position of your and not anybody cars.

3way SHX cooling design refer to rear Pole piece air cooling ventilation of the rubber boot protected Magnet System and rigid tooled and stiffened Excursion Design steel basket with computer synchronized side cooling vents, as well the masterpiece of VC top ventilation of the aluminium Former.

Together with our new SHX 8" Subwoofer our SHX Coaxials and Components set the benchmark in OEM upgrade installation which we as Excursion want to get compared with ...


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